Crusader States

In Times Past the Crusader States were a confusing patchwork of feudal principalities, duchies, counties, baronies, septs, and city-states. Born out of the fiery crusades to liberate the holy city of Echoriath from the orcs and ogres in past years, these states initially struggled amongst themselves to forge the region into a true kingdom.

Until that is, a Lord with political ties and the command of the Crusader Knights was elected King in the prime of his youth. King Bleobaris set the nation upon a path to ensure its people became more self sufficient. Now various statues erected in his honor stand throughout the capital.

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A.C. 2910 Currently,
Regent, Sir Waylan
upholds the line for Rehme’s infant son and future Exarch.
The monsters breeding in neaby Barrandia need to be dealt with before more damage is done.


Nobles of Pomarche and The Salt ShoreA.C. 2840
Lord Roger of Pomarche
& Prince Charles of The Salt Shore ride to protect the Akasian Hills giving battle to the dragon Urugall. A poem sung by Bards throughout the land can often be heard now that the two Captains have passed into Legend.


This page is dedicated to The Crusader States. A position I play in Lords of the Earth, Campaign 54: Lords of Theeurth

The great empires lay shattered, worn out by millennia of inertia, bureaucracy and attack by younger, more vigorous peoples. Now the younger kingdoms of the world rise up to seize what they can from the ashes. But in the ashes of Empire, a few embers still burn that may yet set the world afire.

Kings, pirates, armies, monsters, brotherhoods of sorcery, sects of mystics, heroes and villains all vie for power in a world become savage, where the knowledge that once flowed like water now withers and is forgotten. The new kingdoms of man, elf and orc balance on the edge of chaos and war, ready to drag the last lights of civilization down with them if they fall.

Scott Nolan is the GM and can be contact here. The game started with a lottery in November 2005 and continues on with a roughly 35 day turn around time.  A quality campaign throughout!

Updated Oct 6th, 2008

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