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Inside Passage Cruise

Written 2-21-96

I thought I had overcome all the obstacles that were in my path to travel the inside passage to Alaska, the biggest of which was seasickness. I had been told by countless people that there would be no problem, since most of the inside passage was sheltered by land on both sides, thereby minimizing the roughness of the water. Now if you've ever been on a cruise, there is certainly plenty of entertainment both aboard ship and outside, where we watched the frolicking of the whales and the other wild life, as well as enjoying the spectacular sights of the glaciers we passed. However, the meals that were served in elegant style and the late night buffets were very special to me.

I looked forward especially to the midnight dessert buffet. That day we must have entered the area that was not sheltered and the water was very turbulent. As the afternoon passed and the evening wore on, the rocking of the boat was getting to me more and more. By the time midnight came, I had all I could do to walk up to the upper deck where the buffet was to be held. I had no desire to eat any of the desserts, but wanted to at least see them and take a picture of them. It is not a good idea to embark upon a cruise for the elegant meals and the desserts, but it surely helps to make the trip more memorable!

The next time I was required to spend any amount of time on the

water, I remembered to take some dramamine with me. We were crossing the Bay of Fundy from Nova Scotia to Maine, which was a seven-hour crossing. The dramamine worked well, and I was able to enjoy the meal we were served on the boat.

Cruising is not my specialty, but my friend Sylva and I are seriously considering going with Howard and Rosemary Gernetzke on the Voyage of the Glaciers cruise from Aug. 18-27, l996. This sounds like an incredible cruise of the inside passage aboard the luxurious Star Princess. We would get to see Juneau, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay, Seward, and many other sights that we missed in 1988. If we go, I will not forget to take some dramimine! Time will tell!