Martha's Stories

These stories were written by me during the years 1994-1996. I was 78 and 79 years old at the time. During these years I attended a workshop on writing "The Story of My Life" at the Senior Center, Wausau, Wisconsin. Hopefully they will be of interest to some people as they "surf the net". The stories will give them an idea of what life was like in the early 1900's for my family. My email address is and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who reads any of these stories.

Martha (Maaser) Mikkelson

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The following are all of the stories as of November 1998. Other stories may be written and added at a later time.

Our House
The Log Barn
The Depression
Our Clothing
Musical Instruments
Sheep Herding
Picking Pin-cherries
A School Incident
Dad's Corn Cob Pipe
Potato Bugs
Egg Mash Underwear
School Days
Watch for the Kitty
Christmas Program at Church
Giggling in Church
Walking Home from School
Santa Claus
Christmas Eve Day
The Sheep Buck
My Favorite Holiday
Mission Festival
Sunday Afternoon
Home-made Root Beer
My Best Friend
Lamps and Light
Sick as a Kid
Things I Remember About Our Dad
Treks To and From School
The Wood Shed
The Sun
-And Then There's Me
The McConnon's Man
My Eight Grade
Our Surrey
Mom's Favorite Sayings
Picking Blueberries
My First Train Ride
Christmas Shopping
My First Job
Chickens in Town
Our House on Pleasant Street
Colored Lemonade
Making Quilts
First Motorbike Ride
Our Garage on Pleasant St.
The Kitten Who Came to Our House
Cloverine Salve
My Time in Dallas, Texas
Cousins By the Dozen
A Summer Adventure
Summer Jobs
Hallowe'en Party
Ice Skating
My Graduation from College
Woolen Mill Coats
Teaching at Lenroot
A Quitter - My Year at Elderon, Wi.
Teaching at Irma
Teaching at Trinity
How I Met my Husband
Our Garden
Crossing Lake Michigan in a Ferry
Christmases Past and Present
Valentine Parties
Our First and Last Camping Trip(in a tent)
Credit Cards
Breakfast Served Here
My Vibrator Chair
Estate Sales
Pickles for the Future
Silly Stuff
Using Up Yarn
The Wind
My Computer
Garage Sales
Amtrak to St. Louis
Inside Passage Cruise
My Trip to Georgia
My Compulsion
Summer of '96
A Strange Experience
My New Roof
A Real Life Experience
Christmas Trees
Our Trip to Branson

Reminiscing about the farm