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My Vibrator Chair

When Lloyd and I went to the fair one year, we stopped at a booth that was demonstrating Niagara Vibrating Chairs. We were overcome by the urge to try one out. It was such a relaxing experience that we ended up purchasing one. In fact, we liked it so much that we convinced Ruth and Arnold to buy one too.

My vibrator chair has been a source of comfort to me many times. When I can't sleep, which is fairly often, I navigate to my vibrator chair with a cup of warm milk, some graham crackers, and a soft, warm blanket. I turn on the vibrator and the heat, eat my crackers and sip my warm milk, and usually fall asleep within a half hour, and don't wake up until morning.

When Scott stayed with me, he slept with me when he was little. Since I was not used to sleeping with someone else in my bed, I couldn't fall asleep. So after he fell asleep, I would slip out of my bed and head for my vibrator chair. In just a little while, Scott would notice that I was not in bed, and I'd hear the patter of little feet, and he would crawl into the chair and under the blanket next to me where we both fell asleep. One time when he couldn't fall asleep, he got up on his own and went into "the chair". Since I was awake, and never heard him come back to bed, I investigated and found him sound asleep in the chair.

When my sister and her husband in St. Louis visit us, this chair is a popular spot for her husband, Luther. Here he watches the news, reads, and sleeps without being disturbed. Whenever we want to find him, we need only to look in the living room in "the chair".

The chair has been useful at other times too. When Scott's dad was here for deer hunting, he came home from hunting with really painful leg cramps. Walking in the woods all day, he had used muscles that he didn't ordinarily use. He tried all sorts of remedies, none of which relieved the pain. Upon my suggestion, he finally decided to try the vibrator chair. After taking some aspirin, and turning on the vibrator and the heat, it didn't take long before he started to feel relief, and soon fell asleep.

One day Scott and I were sitting in the chair watching TV, when we both fell asleep. Dennis and Ruth were visiting us at the time. Seeing us sleeping, Dennis took a picture of us. The picture you see with this story is the picture he took, and is proof of the versatility of this chair. It is my "best friend", and is one of the best investments we ever made.